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Our work is based on an integrated view - Body, Soul, and Spirit interact with each other. Psychology has a focus on the soul - made up of feelings, thoughts, and will. Pastoral care has a focus on how our souls relate to spiritual and existential issues. And the way we treat our bodies and our bodies treat us affects both our souls and our spirits. 

At Bækkely, we can offer psychological support and can offer psychological support in relation to whatever issues are pressing on your life. We have special experience in relation to stress, grief, and crises of faith/existential crises. 

Carrie Lynne Lautrup

I am a trained pshchologist and have worked as a consultant and project manager in governmental and private sectors. On the side, I have offered pastoral care in voluntary Christian interdenominational organisations. Besides my master degree in psychology, I am a certified Master Equipper in Christian Healing via the Christian Healing Certification Program. (https://healingcertification.com/)

So those were my professional qualifications. On a personal note, I am a mother of 3 and am married to Hans for over 22 years. I am originally from the U.S.A, and moved to Denmark after I met my husband. My husband and I have weathered a lot of storms - among other things, we lost our youngest son to cancer when he was 11 years old. 

My husband and I work separately in day to day careers. I work as an organisational psychologist, my husband works at Rema 1000. Together, we offer pastoral care in connection with retreats for Christians across denominations. We are very interested in identity and view of God, and of moving away from a performance mentality and into grace and rest in who we are.

I have chosen to work as a psychologist offering counselling along side my work as an organizational psychologist because I want to provide solid psychological support based on a Christian world view and theoretical framework - with or without prayer.

About Us

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